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Virtual Book Club
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Our virtual book club is the perfect place for the avid reader, leisure reader, or for anyone who wants to enjoy community and likes to read the odd book or two!

Each month we will choose a new book to read, and throughout the month we will enjoy group chat, emails, lots of resources and information from our team, and at the end of the month we will enjoy a virtual book club meeting!

When you join this group you will get:

  1. Immediate access to our members area;
  2. Access to our group chat, this will be an engaging, informal chat throughout the month.
  3. Monthly book allocation;
  4. Access to our 1 hour book club meeting once per month.
  5. You will also have access to fun, engaging and interesting resources and materials.

Why join? Reading is so beneficial to our health and wellbeing. Reading strengthens our brains, it increases empathy, and builds our vocabularies, it's proven to reduce stress, alleviate depression and aid in sleep. It even prevents cognitive decline and lengthens our lifespans. So many benefits, and it’s a fun creative outlet! 

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