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Virtual Gardening Club
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This group is perfect for the avid gardener, the beginner gardener and it’s even perfect for our seniors or anyone without gardens but loves them. They can experience the fun and joy of gardening through our group!

Each month we will choose one or two gardening topics, and throughout the month we will enjoy a group chat, emails with lots of resources and information from our team, and at the end of the month we will enjoy a virtual gardening club meeting! This will be hosted in a garden and will be a fun, relaxed way to enjoy and learn.

When you join this group you will get:

  1. Immediate access to our members area;
  2. Access to our group chat, this will be an engaging, informal chat throughout the month.
  3. Monthly group topic;
  4. Access to our 1 hour meeting once per month.
  5. You will also have access to fun, engaging and interesting resources and materials.

Why join? Gardening has been proven to boost self esteem, it reduces stress, it boosts endorphins and all of our happy hormones! It is good for our hearts and physical mobility, and it is great way to connect with our planet and environment.

This is a private group.

Please request to join to see the content.